work by Matt Gordon






Yamaha PSS 470

My first completed bend, the Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470 from 1987. Built around the YM3812 sound chip, the keyboard features some basic FM synthesis editing and drum control.
The bends include several tone changes involving the YM3812, op-amps, and DAC. Crashes and randomization of settings also arise from connections to the flip-flop and logic IC's.
The keyboard stll has a lot uncovered in it, and I'll be looking to break out some of the controls next.

Test recordings of the first set of bends

Re-housed Tractor Toy

A basic push-button for-sound-chip from a toy tractor, with two body-contacts added. Rust and wear on the toy unfortunately prevented the original case from being used.
Next mod planned will include voltage-controlled triggers.

A recording taken without any effects. Can be fairly harsh on its own.